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About Data Levels

What is Level 3 Data?

There are 3 principal levels of information for a payment transaction:

  • Level 1 (Standard): the standard financial data captured for a Credit or Debit Card transaction.

  • Level 2 (Summary VAT): Level 1 plus a customer reference code and summarised VAT total.

  • Level 3 (Line Item Detail): Level 2 plus Line Item Detail (LID) descriptions for the goods or services provided with individual VAT amounts for Purchasing Card transactions. Typically the equivalent data to that found of an conventional Invoice. 

Level 3 Data Types:

  • VGIS (Visa Global Invoicing Specification): the standard Visa format used most widely ​use for Level 3 Purchasing Card transactions.

  • LID (Line Item Detail): the standard format for Mastercard Purchasing Card transactions.

  • Bespoke: specialist supplementary data specific to a particular organisation that is captured and delivered outside of the standard Level 1-3 banking data.

Typical information captured for each data level:
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